woensdag 29 september 2010

Creative team search

How wonderful is this!! I thought id would be next year,and was planning to go for it than. But to my surprise it is now! So i"ll go for it. Seems awesome to me to join the team,and make beautiful things with all the great stuff!! I made two new layouts, and changed one to fit (with a little twist for the team search)

Autumn is here
A lot of brush work, the use of a mask and clippingmask, blending, in this lay out! Also I made my own word arts. Autumn is the season to enjoy with all your senses! That’s what I tried to express in this layout.
K Designs Melanoche-Douce Melodie
It’s falling-Bon Scrapatitis Designs
Brushes Designs by Elise-Winterkiss and NRJ DDK 1 chalkbrushes from the brushabilities class.

Font –VerdanaWord art –Margje   and Swirls -Margje

Sugar sweet words

In this layout my son is calling me with his telephone toy, I was talking back but also took a picture, what made him look so surprised! This was on older  photo, that I had to scan, with a bad back ground. So I made a selection and replaced the background. I wanted to make a sugarsweet LO, so I used the sugar- schock kit. I recolored the wordart and gave  all the words the sweet colors of the layout. I made the boxed background  myself.

Sugar shock collab-Sugarhillco.com.
Stiches: Scrapping my buns off- I did a clippingmask with a paper from the kit.
I did a gradient on the backgroundpaper .
I used a little chalk from the brushes from the brushabilities class  NRJ DDK 1
Journalingtag  from  Creativity by Crystal - Sweet summertime.
Font- Tully’s hand.

I’m doing it,(and i’m loving it)
This is a layout that I made for the challenge gallery a while ago. I was proud of myself after I made my siggie, and thinking about the fact that I didn’t  even  know how to put a computer on a couple of years ago. I liked that LO, but looking back I am not happy with the picture that was in it. So I have changed it with a little creative(team) joke!

In this LO I made a lot of the embellishments myself ,and used a lot of  all the things I learned from Jessica, to get it the way that I wanted it. And of course to show  my siggie, that was made with the  You are awesome kit.
Stuff to scrap-Tech hero
Miss Mint- techno geek
You are awesome kit-Jessica Spraque
Fonts-Emiz font and Stamp act.

zaterdag 25 september 2010

I made a nice autumn decoration.

I love decorating my home,and i made this bunting as i saw it on the Scrap "n art blog. Mine is made from the Stuff to scrap blogtrain Fallfestival.
I added some stuff i had at home, to finish it off,so it became a hybrid project.

maandag 20 september 2010

Today i added my signature!

I added my signature,and now i had to make this post to see if it works!
And it does.  

zondag 19 september 2010

Layout about my favorite doing no-things!

Today i made a layout about all the things i like to do to relax.  It's also called me time.
The template -Shazbutt's Digiscrap,Jopkes beautiful day kit,Tiffany doodles,Lindsay stamp,Rebecca B life is a bath,Redju scrap sparcle,font Myriad pro.




donderdag 16 september 2010

This blog is getting dressed up now!

I'm learning a lot in my bloglessons. So far i created a new background and header,my photoframe and my wordart. The lessons are very easy to follow,thanks to the video instructions. I'm not ready yet,there is more to come in the next week.
No time for scrapbooking this week,but i learned alot about blogging,and decorating my blog.

maandag 13 september 2010

It has been a few days!

It has been a few days since i posted. Today my lessons for blogging started!
Well did i learned some new things!! This post i make with the video lesson open in another window.
So now i can practise a little bit and show you my latest layouts. I didn't do much scrapbooking the past 10 days, because i was cleaning up my computer! The tagging of all my scrapstuff took a lot of time,and i still need to work on it. I am using Picasa now,because i couldn't find my stuff as quick as i wanted  it,(i have too much) So now i did throw away a lot too. The things i did make where layouts for the challenge gallery at Jessica's. here they are.

This is a cute way to store  a few of my buttons! I used Creativity by Crystal paper aug 2009 and mini label. Miss Tiina Designs buttonpaper. Ribbon in my own collection.
This is a layout of my son such a happy easy guy. The stuff i used:
Love is butterfly kisses Pixel perfect Designs, Summerflingpqaper,Psst i lub you Created by Miss Kitten,BAM Dashed circle fram brush,Font segoe script.

This is about me,always playing with dolls when i was young! and telling everybody that later i would become a mommy too!!  For this layout i used: Retrodiva Designs Happiness. Brush Dubtastic postcard.Pillowgirl Be You WA. Natali Designs Everyday is amazing WA.Digi Designs By Nicole A heart full of love WA. Fonts for the selfmade textpaper:Segoescript,SF Heather,Squire,Times,Trajan Pro,Vintage typwriter.

So far the layouts. I am going to learn to decorate my blog in the next lessons. I am looking forward to it!.