maandag 13 september 2010

It has been a few days!

It has been a few days since i posted. Today my lessons for blogging started!
Well did i learned some new things!! This post i make with the video lesson open in another window.
So now i can practise a little bit and show you my latest layouts. I didn't do much scrapbooking the past 10 days, because i was cleaning up my computer! The tagging of all my scrapstuff took a lot of time,and i still need to work on it. I am using Picasa now,because i couldn't find my stuff as quick as i wanted  it,(i have too much) So now i did throw away a lot too. The things i did make where layouts for the challenge gallery at Jessica's. here they are.

This is a cute way to store  a few of my buttons! I used Creativity by Crystal paper aug 2009 and mini label. Miss Tiina Designs buttonpaper. Ribbon in my own collection.
This is a layout of my son such a happy easy guy. The stuff i used:
Love is butterfly kisses Pixel perfect Designs, Summerflingpqaper,Psst i lub you Created by Miss Kitten,BAM Dashed circle fram brush,Font segoe script.

This is about me,always playing with dolls when i was young! and telling everybody that later i would become a mommy too!!  For this layout i used: Retrodiva Designs Happiness. Brush Dubtastic postcard.Pillowgirl Be You WA. Natali Designs Everyday is amazing WA.Digi Designs By Nicole A heart full of love WA. Fonts for the selfmade textpaper:Segoescript,SF Heather,Squire,Times,Trajan Pro,Vintage typwriter.

So far the layouts. I am going to learn to decorate my blog in the next lessons. I am looking forward to it!.

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